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The students generate a piece of writing based on one of three or four teacher created prompts that focus on important elements of the work under consideration.

The teacher will also read the first draft of the essay and provide feedback through a conference in class.

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Then find some key quotes for each. If the word limit is exceeded, 2 marks will be deducted.

ib rubric

If you still have more to say at the end and can't condense it any further trust me there will be much condensing! Click here to view more information regarding the assessment of this assignment. Note: The word limit for the essay is 1,—1, words.

The Four Stages of the Written Assignment- after the texts are read Stage 1: The Interactive Oral The Interactive Oral is a class discussion lead by a group of students that focuses on important contextual elements that have influenced the writing of one of the works studied in this part.

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It will involve group work and strong independent learning and reflection. Some important elements to remember about the Supervised Writing are: From this writing the student should develop a topic and the final essay. The student must submit the reflective statement that is based on the same work as their final literary essay. In class, the student must work with the teacher: For guidance on the development of the essay topic. One reflective statement will be submitted to the IB. Each student will be responsible for initiating some part of the discussion in at least one of the interactive orals for one work. Our TOK connection will explore language and and language in translation as forms of knowledge, information and occasionally disinformation. C: Presentation Levels are awarded only to candidates who have remained within the prescribed word-limit. The writing must be continuous prose. To what extent does the candidate appreciate the cultural setting relevant to the assignment, where appropriate? Time for each piece of writing is between minutes. Criterion E: Language How clear, varied and accurate is the language? May 27, Well definitely include everything it says in the brief xP Show an awareness of the texts, a sensitive understanding of the characters, plot, themes etc. By the end of this unit of study the students will have three pieces of supervised writing - one for each work.
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IB English A: Language & Literature: Criteria